Wine School


It’s a study centre that want to let Italian wines known, in particular the Tuscan wine, to passionates and experts of this field, especially foreigners. The intention is to make people understand ,thoroughly and properly, the history, the characteristics and the potentialities of our wines.


We design bespoke courses for passionates and experts of the wine field meeting to different needs. With our method we can satisfy many kinds of requests, whatever level or interest they are. Our aim is to make the world of wine known in an academic method but also in an innovative and creative way.


Held by teachers belonging to the major Italian wine associations, different type and duration, suitable for beginners but also for experts who want to increase their knowledge of wines and varietal (Tuscan in particular). The courses concern theoretical and practical lessons about all the topics from the vineyard to the glass: viticulture, vinification, tasting, with a creative touch. The classes are in collaboration with renowned winery from the most important wine areas.