Saperi e Sapori – The return of “la Settimana Foianese”

Simple as it may seem, this fair represents the peak of a project that involved the country and the surrounding area in all its full.

Municipality, associations, local producers and artisans joined the volunteers of the Proloco di Foiano della Chiana in the province of Arezzo to organize a market exhibition surrounded by events that for nine days will fill the historic center with music, concerts, events, conferences, workshops and shows.

Saperi e Sapori (Knowledge and Flavors) is the new name that has been given to this event which in the past was simply called “Settimana Foianese” where artisans of various kinds took their space in the funds of the historic center to exhibit their products and their works. During those days of celebration, the town gathered to entertain, play and live its own village.

Today the idea of ​​the past is reborn, transporting it to the present, a present that involves not only local artisans and producers but also artists, musicians and associations.

Among the producers that will exhibit in this first edition there are wine and liqueurs producers, renowned coffee producers, processing shops for typical products and many others.

There will be conferences on Leonardo Da Vinci to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Tuscan genius. Two important events that will shed light on some of the most interesting aspects of the great Maestro.

The many events that will accompany the fair diversify from the opening band concert to the tasting of liqueurs with Tuscan cigars. In short, events of all kinds, for all tastes and types of entertainment.

The carnival will not miss this opportunity by preparing a series of papier mache workshops for adults and children with entertainment and music to entertain everyone.

The apex of the fair will be the Renaissance dinner in honor of Cosimo I de’ Medici which will take place in Piazza Cavour on Saturday 21th of September. A completely Renaissance set-up is expected including the extras and the music of that time. This is a moment not to be missed. (attention: reservation required)


The last weekend will see the now famous Pumpkin Festival as the main attraction, a fair that brought Foiano to America thanks to twinning and contacts with the fairs of the American giant pumpkins. Have you ever seen a 600 kg pumpkin? There are no problems, in Foiano you will find this too!

A truly bustling country, a nine-day period full of history and events and all within one of the most interesting and lively villages of the Valdichiana.

All the info and details on the Foiano della Chiana Proloco Facebook page.