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As a “Cantierista”

Package 2 days 1 night
From Saturday to Sunday
Starting from € 157 per person


Come and experience the Carnival of Foiano della Chiana as a real “Cantierista” (person who contract the papier-mâché floats), participating in the most fun and carefree activities that the country offers.
You will be welcomed to an engaging and funny dinner in one of the 4 Carnival construction yards, have lunch in a typical restaurant in the historic village, see the float parades and take part in the evocative “Scoriandolata” where adults and children can experience the true light-hearted atmosphere of the craziest party of the year.

Optional activities:

  • 1 Dinner at one the 4 Carnival construction yards : Bombolo, Rustici, Azzurri e Nottambuli
  • 1 Visit with Breakfast or Aperitif at the Valdichiana Outlet Village


Price includes

  • 1 night in an hotel in the surroundings of the town centre Foiano della Chiana
  • 1 Guided tour of Foiano della Chiana
  • 1 lunch in a restaurant of the town centre
  • 1 ticket entry for the Carnival
  • 1 neckerchief of one of the 4 Carnival construction yards

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