It’s mid-November and it’s already some weeks that supermarkets’ shelves are full of Pandoro and Panettone, ready to enter into our homes to celebrate the Christmas period.

Lately, however, people keen on sweets, candies and custards choose to spend some more money to have a craft panettone that can release inside the mouth an intense flavour of bakery and pastry.

And what about if you could prepare your own panettone?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful ending your Christmas dinner and lunch with a delicious panettone made with your own hands?

If this idea excites you, you can be sure that is something achievable. We never talk nonsense, so, you give an evident proof of it, we organized a cooking class about large leavened products.

It’s a tow-day theoretical-practical course (16 hours lasting approximately) on large Christmas leavened products.

During the lessons a natural sourdough double-dough panettone will be made, moreover you’ll have the explanation of refreshment and management of the starter.

The class qill be held by Antonietta Efrat Strube, author of the blog “Molto zucchero e poco sale”, who has a strong passion for cakes, especially for leavened products.

She has attended lessons with the most important Italian masters, she lived in Rome where she teaches cooking lessons ranging from large leavening to rotisserie and we will have the good fortune to have her with us to steal her the secrets of this all-Italian art.


  • Saturday December 1st (15:00/19:00)

Brief introduction about flours and ingredients that will be used during the lessons.

Processing of the first dough, explanation and preparation of the leavened dough.

Preparation of the biga for a Christmas brioche made with alternative flours and explanation of the differences between various kinds of pre-ferments.

  • Sunday December 2nd (9:00/19:00)

Preparation of the second dough:

Refreshment and explanation of the management of sourdough and other notions.

Light-lunch break with typical Tuscan products while waiting for the leavening.

Modelling of Christmas brioche.

NB: The ending time of the lessons are approximate as they depend on the time of leavening.

At the end of this Christmas cooking class you will bring home your handmade panettone, the recipe, the process, one portion of sourdough and a gift of the teacher.

There will also be a nice surprise for all the partecipants.

The course will be held at the laboratory-kitchen “La cucina della Lodola”, in Foiano della Chiana, a professional site, spacious and pleasant where you can operate in comfort.

Cost of participation:
  • 120€ signing up by Wednesday November 21st
  • 135€ signing up later

The cost includes:

  • all the ingredients for panettone and Christmas brioche
  • all the materials for process; preparation and cooking of panettone and brioche
  • Sunday light-lunch
  • Antonietta’s recipe
  • Certificate of attendance

The cooking class will be held with a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 15 participants.

You know well how to contact us, but we are here to gladly remind it.

To sign up send an e-mail to or call us at the phone number 3317868451.

Just thinking about it makes me drool, and what about you?