Foiano because…

“Foiano, mia bella Foiano”. One of the most frequent phrases in local speech when the discussion focuses on territorial issues. This is where we were born (or grown up) where our roots have merged with the earth and receive constant nourishment.

foiano della chiana 2Foiano is a village in Valdichiana, the most beautiful countryside in all of Tuscany but first of all it is a village. It means that it is inhabited by a small number of people who have always known each other and who together create the folklore that can be expected from this type of context.

Imagine a medieval wall with the ancient access doors, a small village made of brick streets where it seems easy to get lost but in reality it would be impossible even if you want it. Add a bell tower, a couple of squares, a well and many churches.

foiano della chiana 1

Now insert in this beautiful image Sandrino the “panaio”, “Diluvio” with fresh pasta, Mameli and its rotisserie, the bar of the square (the one for old people playing cards), Stefano “della Zinfa” for the great meat, “Iccio and the Toscina” for those who want to eat or tease in company, the “Pallini” with Il Salotto delle Chiacchiere, “Ubaldo” where to get an amazing beer or a hot ice cream, the traders, the Carnival committee, the Cantieri and the sports field.

It does not sound like much, does it? Yet within these walls there is the whole world, a wonderful world that we would like to discover and live also for those who come from outside.

foiano della chiana 3

Yes, of course, the double circle of walls is beautiful, ancient, the churches are a continuous path between the works of Della Robbia, Pomarancio and Vasari, the bell tower with Piazza Matteotti looks like a “little Siena”, Foiano was one of the first towns in Italy after the war, we have the most ancient Carnival of Italy and the maestros of papier-maché artist, painters, sculptors, ceramists to envy in Florence (which we pray to have received as a gift from Cosimo dei Medici the symbol of the golden lily on a red background for the high value in the defense of the war against the enemies), here are some of the postcard landscapes for which Italy is known in the world, ok, okay. We are waiting here to show you all this but our intent goes a little further. We would like you to experience this country, with us, to make you feel how we feel it because only then you can really appreciate the art, the landscapes and all the food and wine, just so you can really fall in love and go home with new friends, as well as with the memory of a wonderful journey.

TDA born with this intent, make you discover our territory, our country, the Valdichiana but with the eyes of those who have always lived in this place. It’s worth it, don’t you think?