EWPC Arezzo

EWPC, Exotic Wedding Planning Conference is a prestigious and niche event, reserved only for the best wedding planners in the world who periodically come together to discuss experiences, ideas and new trends. Influencers of the world of weddings who find themselves in a single place to instill new life into the category of event planners, an incredible conference and a meeting of unusual creativity.

Bangalore, Dubai, Barcelona, ​​these are the places visited by EWPC, the luxury seen in its planning and organizational part and expressed within sensational contexts like the cities listed above.

EWPC 2019 has chosen the city of Arezzo as the location to bring these personalities together. An immense honor for our city and an unmissable opportunity to make known our places and those majestic, ancient and fascinating spaces that have left even the greatest event organizers in awe..

During the day there were speeches by the speakers and meetings between industry operators, while in the evening we met in dream locations to enjoy evenings of good Tuscan food, fabulous set-ups and engaging shows, all surrounded by the evocative places of this city.

On the first evening an event was organized at a private location in Arezzo that deals with marriages Evento Spose by Gianni. Evening ended with a truly exciting fireworks display. Dress code: white and sparkling.
For the second evening a medieval-style party was set up at Fortezza Medicea with appearings, flag-wavers, a very rich buffet and a stage with live music overlooking the splendid city of Arezzo. Dress code: burgundy and gold.
The night of greetings has instead chosen the Anfiteatro Romano of the city that with a fascinating play of light has welcomed all guests. A stage set with flowers gave everyone space to talk to leave a memory of the experience and then violins and DJ sets until late. Dress code: elegant but free.


Tourism Design Atelier has had the pleasure of being part of the organization of this event and be in contact with these personalities from the world of weddings, an experience that is priceless. They left us so many emotions that they will remain indelible within us but they also left us many teachings.

Among the guests to mention there are certainly Kevin Lee who organized events for Barak Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise and the marriage between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, then Peter Kelly of “Weddings by Franc” who in addition to mediating at the event is one of the greatest wedding planners in the world and an extraordinary person both at creative and human level, Fabrice Orlando who managed to create an empire in the world of events, but he is also a great expert on tourism, then Angela Proffitt, Joan V Brown, Jean Charles Vaneck, Joann Gregoli, Percy Sales, Franck Mathee, Sarah Young, Arun Bablani, Sandra Santoro, Monica Balli  and many others.

ioe Lou


Thank you all for this incredible experience.
To become “big”, you have to follow the “big ones” so if you happen to meet these people … don’t let them get away.