27Nov 2019

“Luxury” is a very difficult word to be pigeonholed, it takes on completely different meanings according to the context in which it is used, the subject who uses it and the one who interprets it. If, for example, a young couple with low budget meets a proposal for a luxury holiday in their search, they will […]

30Jan 2019

Waiting for the Carnevale but do not call it just carnival. Only few days before the start of the Carnevale of Foiano della Chiana and the changes are now underway. All the houses in the center but also many of those in the suburbs, hang the flags that color this village already born as a […]

09Jan 2019

The Carnival of Foiano della Chiana, with its 480th edition, is one of the oldest Carnival of Italy. This is the essential premise, its historical significance, its deep-seated feeling inside people who live in this town and from this, its importance. We need to start from the people to understand, at least a little bit, […]

06Nov 2018
Christmas in Tuscany - Tourism Design Atelier

Christmas is a moment to spend with family, is that right? Here we are to give you the opportunity to live this beautiful experience in the most famous and amazing place of the world: Tuscany. 5 days and 4 night staying in a warm and intimate place in the Tuscan countryside. The professional chef will […]

07Sep 2018
Tourism Design Atelier - Tuscan Incoming Tour Operator TDA

When we announced we wanted to open a tour operator with this name they were all entranced! Then they tried to pronounce it and the ecstasy found a few snags in manifesting itself again. This, as you can well see, did not scare us at all. Three words, for three people, three women, three lives, […]

07Sep 2018
Perché Foiano della Chiana - TDA Tourism Design Atelier

“Foiano, mia bella Foiano”. One of the most frequent phrases in local speech when the discussion focuses on territorial issues. This is where we were born (or grown up) where our roots have merged with the earth and receive constant nourishment. Foiano is a village in