17Sep 2019

Simple as it may seem, this fair represents the peak of a project that involved the country and the surrounding area in all its full. Municipality, associations, local producers and artisans joined the volunteers of the Proloco di Foiano della Chiana in the province of Arezzo to organize a market exhibition surrounded by events that […]

28Aug 2019

THE SARACINO OF AREZZO, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MEDIEVAL JOUST OF ITALY   “ Terra d’Arezzo, un cantico salga dal nostro cuore a te, che luce ai popoli fosti col tuo splendore. “ This is how the quartieristi (people that side for one of the four factions of the city) of Arezzo sing in the days of […]

17Jun 2019

EWPC, Exotic Wedding Planning Conference is a prestigious and niche event, reserved only for the best wedding planners in the world who periodically come together to discuss experiences, ideas and new trends. Influencers of the world of weddings who find themselves in a single place to instill new life into the category of event planners, […]

28Mar 2019

Waiting, emotion, expectation .. These are the feelings that are felt in the months preceding the “most beautiful day“. Everything must be perfect, everything studied and cared for down to the smallest detail … to live a dream, surprise the guests, share with them one of the most important moments in life. Tuscany offers incomparable […]

08Mar 2019

In this beautiful village Foiano della Chiana, Easter means good food, socializing, lightheartedness but first of all it means “Il Volo“. Il Volo is an event held in the church of the Collegiata, the largest one, at the stroke of midnight on Holy Saturday. No inhabitant of the area can get lost that moment, believer […]