About Us

TDA is an incoming tour operator born from the meeting of three young women passionate of tourism and Tuscany. Truly connected to this surrounding we decided to put together our multiple skills to promote and give value to places in Tuscany less known but surely not less beautiful. We would like to offer complete assistance for any client’s request during and before the journey but also show a Tuscany saw from the native’s point of view. A real journey, an unique experience, intense, unforgettable. During the past years we built a reliable local network  useful for advising experiences, visits, accommodations and transfer of any kind. However our strength is the will of let you live a dream, your dream and gift you with a piece of happiness.
Our company ‘s headquarter is in Tuscany, in Foiano della Chiana, the “heart” of Valdichiana’s heart, small and  valuable town where enjoying real countryside’s calm but it’s also a strategic point to reach, in a short time, all the most important city of this region (Firenze, Arezzo, Siena, Pisa, Abetone e Grosseto) and centre of Italy (Roma, Assisi and Perugia).

Lucia Talli

    Research & Development Manager

    In addition to the degree in Conservation of Cultural Assets, I have qualifications as Sommelier, Tourismanager and Tour leader. I’m a supporter of Eco-friendly lifestyle, environment respect and responsible tourism. Travelling around the world and discovering its beauty, finding me surprised every time by the treasures of the place I live in, by its food, its art and I would like to share all this with people who still have the will to be amazed.

Elettra Barbagli

    Project Manager

    A degree in Law, a Master in Internationalization of SMEs and other qualifications as Tourismanager and Sommelier. I like studying, handling details, searching for perfection and reaching the best result. I have a natural bent in listening people and organizing events and projects. In this company I deal with client’s desires to make them real.

Lucia Bernini

    Account Manager

    After a degree in Oriental Languages and Cultures, I achieved a Master in Intercultural Education and one in Relational Communication and Fund Raising. I was just 16 years old when I travelled for the first time and I’ve never gave up. In my opinion, travelling means to renounce on some personal certainties to welcome others new and my headcount in this company is exactly letting people to discover the most authentic and sometimes hidden part of my surroundings (besides make my associates crazy).